IREC is a partner in a strategic project for economic recovery and transformation using renewable hydrogen

  • Energy storage

VAL2H2 is a project entitled “Research on new technologies for the generation, storage and use of renewable H2 through the VALorization of biowaste“, holding its KoM today June 8th, 2023.

In VAL2H2, different technologies will be investigated to produce hydrogen from waste, which represents a solution to a problem as well as an opportunity to produce a clean fuel. The project responds to the identified need in the H₂ roadmap as MEASURE 34: Analyze the feasibility of producing renewable H₂ from waste. The main residues that will be valued in VAL2H2 are of agricultural and pruning origin, as well as the municipal organic fraction.

The global budget of the project is more than 2 million euros, and it will last 2 years. The consortium is formed by SORIGUÉ (coordinator), URV, EURECAT, IREC, CIEMAT and INDOX. Joan Ramon Morante and Martí Biset, from the Energy Storage, Harvesting and Catalysis group, will lead the activities at IREC. These activities mainly involve the analysis of the H₂ quality. The work will be focused on the analysis of the correlation between the origin and the different impurities in the H₂ produced. In addition, the effectiveness of the purification systems will be evaluated, at the same time that alternatives of different materials will be investigated and evaluated as catalytic traps for the improvement of the purification systems.

The VAL2H2 Project (R-H2CVAL4-C1-2022-0096) is funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.