IREC participates in a Project led by Celsa to valorize its residues using green hydrogen

  • Energy storage

The HYMET project aims to study new technologies applicable in the steel industry for the valorization of by-products of the process and decarbonisation using renewable hydrogen.

CELSA Group, the leader of the project, teams with a group of leading companies in each of the technologies under study: Técnicas Reunidas, AMES Tech Center, ARIEMA and AESA. To ensure greater chances of success in development, HYMET has the participation of important research and technological centers, leaders in the sectors covered by the project, such as the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC), various CSIC centers (such as ITQ, ICV and LIFTEC), as well as the University of Huelva. Marc Torrell, from the Nanoionics and Fuel Cells group, is the main researcher from IREC who will lead the development of a protoptype for green hydrogen production.

The HYMET project has a total estimated budget of 5.8 M€, and has been supported by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) through the MISIONES call, with a grant of 3.9 M€.  

HYMET proposes the study and technological maturing of innovative solutions in three vectors of the future for decarbonization and industrial circularity, such as: the recovery of industrial waste (scale produced in rolling mills, mainly) through an innovative reduction reactor that uses renewable reducing agents; the generation of green hydrogen through highly efficient electrolysis technologies and finally, the study of CO2 capture and its integration through electrolysis technologies for the generation of synthesis gas.

A press release (in Spanish) can be found here.