IREC participation in the 9th edition of the 10alamenos9 festival

  • Energy and environment
  • Energy storage

10alamenos9 is celebrating the 9th Edition of the National Festival of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology from April to June 2024. This engaging event spans across various countries in Europe and Latin America, aiming to show up the world of nanotechnology for people of all ages and backgrounds. Visitors are invited on an journey into the nanoworld. This initiative is led by Jordi Díaz from the University of Barcelona.

The core objective of 10alamenos9 is to raise awareness and expand general knowledge about nanoscience and nanotechnology. Achieving this goal involved a diverse range of activities, including workshops, exhibitions, roundtable discussions, café sessions, social gatherings, seminars, and other interactive experiences. The overarching aim was to establish direct connections with society, fostering dialogue and showcasing the immense potential and implications of nanotechnology.

In 2023, between 15,000 and 20,000 individuals benefited from the extensive array of activities. This success owes much to the dedicated efforts of major research centers and universities in Spain actively engaged in nanotechnology research.

Several members of IREC actively participated in this initiative. They contributed to the Festival Day in CosmoCaixa and in Centre Cívic Pere Quart, held on April the 16th and 18th respectively, both in the city of Barcelona.

Eight researchers from the Nanoionics and Fuel Cells and Energy Storage, Harvesting and Catalysis groups at IREC participated in the “speaking corner” in CosmoCaixa, an interactive arena between the students and the researchers in a relaxed question-answer format that facilitated the engagement. The researchers at IREC involved in this initiative were Rocío Ramirez, Amine Lwazzani, Sergio Ramos, Ismael Babeli, Beatrice Laurenti, Marlene Anzengruber, Santiago Marquez and Paul Nizet, who spoke about catalytic materials, new fuels for aviation, hydrogen or new battery materials, in addition to explaining how the life of a researcher is or how they decided to investigate in energy materials.

Anna Magrasó from the KTT unit at IREC participated in the interactive workshops held in Centre Cívic Pere Quart, who showed the latest trends in renewable energies and the pupils of the Institut Escola Torrelles (4th ESO level) discovered in a practical way innovative technologies such as solar energy, the use of green hydrogen, and photovoltaics.

For detailed information about the program of the Barcelona edition, please visit the official website.