IREC positioned as a reference on energy research and development in Europe

  • Energy and environment
  • Energy storage
  • Smart energy management

IREC is ranked as one of the 10 top research centres in Spain with the highest return in participation and leadership of H2020 projects, according to a recent CDTI report. In the new framework program of the European Union, Horizon Europe, IREC consolidates its leadership in attracting European funds for its research on a topic as important as energy. In just one year, IREC has won 9 projects from the new program, two of them as coordinator.

On the other hand, BATTECH, the R&D battery technology hub formed by IREC and EURECAT, has also established a privileged position within the new programme, capturing funding for four projects in relation to the development of new batteries and energy storage systems.

IREC carries out high-quality research based on long-term disruptive activities while, in parallel to basic research, promotes technological developments of interest for companies with the aim of transferring them to the market, pushing the energy transition forward. In this sense, IREC participates in strategic initiatives at national level in the field of hydrogen technologies, such as the SHYNE project with REPSOL or the “Vall de l’Hidrogen“, a green hydrogen platform in the south of Catalonia. IREC has also won three INNOTEC projects, R&D&I projects with industry financed by ACCIÓ, in the last call for proposals in 2021, awarded this year, with topics such as electrolysis to obtain hydrogen, wind energy or the development of intelligent systems for battery management.

IREC investigates various disciplines within the energy sector, from energy generation and storage, to distribution and consumption to the final users. The research is focused on preventing and mitigating the effects of climate change, where the decarbonization of the industrial, transport and residential sectors is key. Governments at local, European and global levels are increasingly taking more strategic actions to change to a more sustainable and clean energy model, and IREC’s research is aligned with all of them.