IREC receives a FECYT grant for an exhibition on energy transition

  • Energy and environment
  • Energy storage
  • Smart energy management

IREC presents ” Gara y la energía que nos rodea” (Gara and the energy that surrounds us) an exhibition project of innovative scientific dissemination. It will be a tool aimed at non-specialized public that improves the general scientific-technical education of society through a relevant topic, energy sustainability, in order to show current energy solutions thanks to the researchwork carried out at IREC.

The aim of this project is to create new interactive supports that serve to show in an innovative way our research in the field of energy use and generation in an attractive and direct way to a general public, paying special attention to getting closer to groups that do not have easy access to scientific dissemination activities by going to rural areas and adapting content to the physically disabled public. In addition, it is expected that the impact will increase by adding actions with more common public audiences, such as schools and families.

At IREC, we want to bring the different areas of energy research closer together through a very particular perspective: it shows the IREC research to search for solutions related to energy management through challenges of the related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, SDG 13: Climate Action), experiences through the modules and gamification and innovate, opening a dialogue with citizens to improve social training in science and energy, increase scientific knowledge and bring our research closer to the public.

The total budget of the grant is ~36k€, the project will last 1 year, starting in July 2021. The project is in collaboration with FECYT (Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología)- Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades under the 2020 call “Convocatoria de ayudas para el Fomento de la Cultura Científica, Tecnológica y de la Innovación“.