IREC researchers participate in the CientífiKs en Joc programme

Discover how the innovative educational programme, CientífiKs en Joc, backed by IREC researchers, is inspiring Catalan school students towards STEAM careers by designing energy-themed video games.
  • Energy and environment

CientífiKs en Joc is an innovative educational programme initiated by the Departament de Recerca i Universitats of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Designed for fifth-grade students from Catalan schools, this unique programme blends science, technology, and education in an inspiring way.

Three researchers from the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC) have played a crucial role in this initiative, working closely with Catalan schools to foster an interest in science among primary school students.

Paulina Martinez, a researcher from the Functional Nanomaterials research group, has collaborated with the FEP Sant Ramon Nonat School in Barcelona. Her expertise in nanotechnology has been instrumental in guiding students in creating a video game based on this scientific field.

Ester Coma, an architect and project manager at the PRIMA Platform of IREC, has collaborated with the Falguera School in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, providing her professional knowledge to inspire students to retrofit their school into a more sustainable and efficient building.

Elisenda Clèries, a project engineer from the Thermal Energy and Performance in Buildings group, has worked with the La Salut School in Collbató. Her experience in energy efficiency has allowed students to tackle complex energy issues in their video game.

The sixth edition of CientífiKs en Joc has focused on energy. Participating schools have had the opportunity to design a video game illustrating the research of an active Catalan researcher, focusing on energy-related topics from various perspectives. The students have gained deep knowledge about science, technology, and language, thanks to immersion in areas like programming, storytelling, graphic and sound design.

Victor Lopez, Gisela Vaquero, Silvia Simon, and David Angulo make up the jury and are in the process of evaluating the proposals.

On 26th April, the schools will present the final video game design proposal. The winning project will be developed by the ENTI-BCN team, a professional video game studio. On 25th May, the closing Gala will take place at the auditorium of Cotxeres de Sants in Barcelona, where the awards will be announced.

A total of 16 Catalan schools, 509 students, and 16 researchers have worked together this term. As a result, each presents a video game proposal showcasing the life and research of the associated researcher.

The winning project will become a real game, thanks to the work of ENTI-BCN, thus transforming students into digital content creators. During the closing Gala, the development of the winning video game from the previous edition will also be presented, which can be found at the following link

This initiative, with the support and dedication of the IREC researchers, participating students, and the Department de Recerca i Universitats of the Generalitat de Catalunya, coordinated through ECOS Grup Cooperatiu, highlights the importance of STEAM careers in the education of our youth. This pedagogical proposal not only gives visibility to science but also promotes the growth of a future generation of scientists and researchers.

In summary, CientífiKs en Joc is a shining example of how science and education can unite to inspire students, valuing research and learning through creativity and technology use. The participants have demonstrated not only their skills in programming, storytelling, and design but also their commitment to sustainable development and innovation in energy use.

We are eagerly looking forward to what the next edition of CientífiKs en Joc will bring!