IREC takes part in the European Researchers’ Night

The European Researchers’ Night returns on 24 September, the European Commission’s initiative to bring citizens closer to the world of research. On this 2021 edition, IREC will be involved in its two headquarters’ areas, Barcelona and Tarragona.

  • The Tarragona Researchers’ Night will host on September 24th, from 16.30 to 21.00 hours at Corsini Square of Tarragona, under the title “Renewable hydrogen as a decarbonization element. The workshop you will learn how to generate and use hydrogen from renewable sources. You will observe the scientific basis of this energy, experiment with a cell with hydrogen fuel and finally get behind the wheel of the car of the future: fast, agile, quiet and clean.
    Researchers from URV, ICIQ and EURECAT will participate in this edition, where also collaborates Martí Biset and María Isabel Díez García from Energy Storage, Harvesting and Catalysis of IREC.
  • The Barcelona Researchers’ Night will host on September 24th, from 17 to 22 hours  within “Feria de la Investigación” in CosmoCaixa Barcelona. IREC joins this event by showing the exhibition projectGara and the energy that surrounds us“, a tool that aims to improve the scientific-technical education of society on energy and the transition towards a more sustainable model for our planet. Presented by Anna Magrasó from Corporate Development and Knowledge Technology Transfer Area of IREC. This activity is designed to introduce visitors into the research carried out in IREC, related to energy research and technology (sustainable construction, energy storage, circular economy, energy transition, among others).

“Matí de la recerca a les escoles”

This activity brings research staff from research centers, universities to schools and institutes in Catalonia. In the framework of this activity the researchers of IREC will bring the science and technology to the schools with the following initiatives:

  • September 22 at 13:45h. Juan Carlos González-Rosillo from Nanoionics and Fuel Cells of IREC, will be offering a talk entitled “Com seran les bateries de el futur?” at Institut Les Corts (Barcelona).
  • September 23 at 12:30h. Andreina Alarcón from Energy Storage, Harvesting and Catalysis of IREC, will be offering a talk entitled “Catalizadores para un futuro sostenible” at INS Ferran Tallada (Barcelona).

European Researchers’ Night

The European Commission has organised the European Researchers’ Night since 2005 as part of the Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programme, in collaboration with a wide range of public and private institutions. It is simultaneously held in 300 cities across 30 different European countries on the last Friday of every September. The aim is to bring research closer to people from all ages and share research and innovation in a fun way.

The European Researchers’ Night event in Catalonia (Nit de la Recerca) seeks to bring the European Researchers’ Night to the regions of Barcelona Girona, Lleida and Tarragona. This year, these will be held, on Friday, September 24th. The program of the five nodes of Catalonia can be consulted on the website