IREC presents the “Vehicle to Grid” Roadmap at EVS32

  • Smart energy management

The last four years, IREC has led the Vehicle to Grid task from the Technological Collaboration Program of the International Energy Agency. Twelve countries have participated in the task: Germany, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, United States, France, The Nederlands, Ireland, Korea, United Kingdom and Switzerland. In this period we have organized several workshops worldwide with experts from industry and research.

At the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS32, Lyon- France) we have presented the Vehicle to Grid Roadmap done in the task with the objective of accelerating technology integration. The roadmap identifies challenges and actions needed for a better electric vehicle integration in the grid and a greater flexibility exploitation, identifying business models and foreseen potential benefits for the end user of 1500€/year.

During EVS32 also takes place the kick of meeting for the new task lead by IREC in the International Energy Agency on Vehicle-Grid-Integration, which will analyze different integration and coordination between electric and mobility sector.