IREC wins IDAE’s tender to simulate local electricity markets

IREC gana la licitación de IDAE para la simulación de mercados locales de electricidad
  • Smart energy management

IDAE and OMIE are carrying out the IREMEL project for the Integration of Energy Resources through Local Electricity Markets. IREC has recently won the tender launched by IDAE for performing simulation tests under this project.

The main scope of this part of work will be the development of a simulation tool for the distribution network that allows to verify different aspects of the operation model of local electricity markets. In this model, analysis of the technical, economic, sensitivity and behavioural from the participants will be performed.

In 4 months, the group of Energy System Analytics from IREC, led by Cristina Corchero, will develop the mentioned simulation tool, which will be later on validated by the real pilots constructed within the IREMEL project.

The draft of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) highlights the importance of the smart energy management to facilitate the integration of renewable distributed energy resources. IREC is aligned with PNIEC and, in turn, with the main strategic axes of those leading in the country’s energy policy, such as IDAE.