Making PEDs is one of the projects selected by DUT presented in Brussels

  • Smart energy management

The Driving Urban Transitions (DUT) initiative aims to drive urban transitions towards a sustainable future through collaborative research and innovation projects. DUT seeks to address pressing urban challenges and foster cross-border cooperation among European cities.

This initiative launches its projects kick-off event, inviting all projects funded in the DUT Call 2022, along with representatives from involved national funding agencies. The event, taking place on April 11-12th, 2024 in Brussels, aims to foster collaboration and community building among project partners from across Europe.

The kick-off event (link) offers a platform for coordinators, project partners, funding agency representatives, and European Commission experts to convene, exchange ideas, and establish a strong collaborative network. The program, designed for high interaction, includes presentations, group discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities.

This event marks the beginning of a journey towards driving urban transitions to a sustainable future. It provides a unique opportunity for project partners to meet, share insights, and lay the groundwork for impactful collaboration over the coming years.

Key objectives of the kick-off event include:

  • Introducing project partners to the DUT Partnership and activities.
  • Providing essential information on program requirements and support activities.
  • Facilitating project sharing, strategic discussions, and cooperation opportunities.
  • Offering coaching and training sessions to enhance project success and impact.

The program will feature thematic breakout sessions focusing on Circular Urban Economies and Positive Energy Districts, aligning with the overarching goals of the DUT initiative.

Making PEDS is one of the 48 projects funded under this initiative, as shown in the selected project catalogue has recently been published by DUT (link). This project is coordinated by Dr. Jaume Salom, head of the Thermal Energy and Building Performance group at IREC. The project has recently launched a press release:

Acknowledgements (in English and Spanish)

DUT Call 2022 is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe Partnership scheme. The call is also part of the MICall 2022 to contribute the Urban Transition Mission of Mission Innovation.

El proyecto Making PEDs (DUT European Partnership) está financiado por el Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, la Agencia y, en su caso, la Unión Europea (Proyecto F-DUT-2022-0186 financiado por MCIN /AEI/10.13039/501100011033/UE).