New platform for the digitalisation of offshore wind energy in the Mediterranean

  • Smart energy management

SENSOCEAN is a R+D project funded by ACCIO (Nuclis climàtics – call 2022) that stands for “New Meteoceanic Platform with advanced sensory and digital technologies for the characterization of marine wind energy and climate change in the Mediterranean “. The project started on September 2023 and will last for 18 months.

The main purpose of the Sensocean project is to research and develop a meteoceanic buoy based on the research of new digital technologies, telemetry and sensorization that allow the measurement of the wind and marine resources, the environmental analysis and climate change for the development of the offshore wind technologies in the Mediterranean Sea.

The project has a total budget of ~250k€. The consortium is led by EOLOS, and IREC is a partner.  IREC researchers from the Power Systems group (José Luis Domínguez, Pol Paradell, Jose Ignacio Rapha and Nuria Canto) will be in charge of the development of digital platforms and data science.

This project has received funding from ACCIÓ.