New website section “Data and Software Releases”

Datasets and calculation tools created by IREC_2022
  • Smart energy management

The Thermal Energy and Building Performance Group has just updated its new section about data and software releases on IREC’s website. The aim of this section is to make available several datasets or calculation tools that were created by the group, in a single place easy to access:

Along the years, the research group has worked on many projects, some of which have led to the development of software tools, datasets, calculation sheets or more complex programs. It is in the best interest of the whole research community to share these open-source tools and to give them the broadest audience possible, so that they are actually used by other researchers, professionals of the sector or even the general public. This can avoid other research teams to redo work that has already been done, and instead use these tools and datasets to build further research on top of it.

The list of available software includes notably several tools for improving the energy efficiency of data centres, and a webtool to help for the creation of local energy communities. Several datasets are also shared such as the energy diagnosis of sports facilities, calculations of the seasonal efficiency of air-source heat pumps in Catalonia, or experimental data emulating different types of faults in variable speed heat pumps.

The new section will be enriched regularly with all the available tools and data produced by the Thermal Energy and Building Performance Group. We hope you will enjoy this new section!