On the development of digital twins for improving battery systems

  • Energy storage
  • Smart energy management

The DIGIBAT project, an initiative aimed at advancing sustainable energy materials and devices, has been officially launched. The project’s primary objective is to create advanced digital tools, known as “digital twins,” specifically designed for monitoring, characterizing, and predicting lithium-based battery systems. By leveraging cutting-edge modeling techniques, these digital twins will estimate battery health, identify aging processes, optimize performance during operation, and extend battery life. This innovation will benefit both stationary applications (first and second life) and electric mobility.

The consortium comprises two key entities: NVISION, a SME company specialized in IoT, and IREC, a TECNIO-certified center and expert in batteries. The collaboration with IREC allows NVISION to integrate high-value technological insights developed within the project, enhancing their position in the energy storage and digitalization sector.

The DIGIBAT project significantly contributes to decarbonizing both the energy and automotive sectors. By advancing sustainable battery technology, the project aims to reduce carbon emissions. Through optimized battery production, efficient operation, and effective recycling practices, DIGIBAT seeks to minimize emissions associated with batteries. This reduction has far-reaching implications for environmental health. Additionally, the project’s efforts directly benefit human health, particularly for urban residents. By mitigating the effects of climate change, DIGIBAT contributes to a healthier and more sustainable future.

The project’s innovative approach, combining theory-led experimentation, robotic material synthesis, and automated manufacturing, positions DIGIBAT as a trailblazer in sustainable battery research. The project’s outcomes will drive the development of next-generation energy storage solutions and pave the way for a greener, healthier future.

DIGIBAT is a project funded by ACCIÓ that stands for ” Development of a Digital Twin of Batteries for advanced monitoring and management of their performance and state of health”. The project has a total budget of ~280k€ and will run for 3 years.  

This project has received funding from ACCIÓ.