Optimal Planning and Design of Renewable Microgrids in Spain

  • Smart energy management

OPDM (stands for ” Optimal Planning and Design of Renewable Microgrids in Spain “) is a newly granted project that aims to comprehensively determine the optimal sizing of stand-alone hybrid microgrid systems based on photovoltaic, wind, biomass, diesel, and battery energy storage.

OPDM will focus on the optimization and design of systems for providing a clean, reliable, and affordable energy. The optimal sizing of hybrid renewable energy systems for realistic remote areas in Spain will be determined considering the uncertainties of generation and load demand. The variations of wind speed and solar irradiation will be considered, and the optimal generated amount of all energy resources will be determined using recent and developed optimization techniques to maximum the economical, technical, and environmental benefits. Minimizing the cost of energy and loss of power supply probability, which shows the reliability and efficiency of the proposed systems, will be comprehensively considered. The testing methodology adopted to validate the proposed software tools will be based on standard test systems and moreover different remote areas in Spain.

OPDM is carried out by Salah Kamel, who joined the Power Systems research group at IREC to carry out this project within 2 years, starting in March 2022.

Tecniospring is ACCIÓ’s international talent programme, which boosts technology transfer processes by offering R&D companies and TECNIO centres 2-year employment contracts to host a researcher. This programme is co-financed by the H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions of the European Union.