PLURAL aims to renovate buildings to reach nZEB status

  • Smart energy management

PLURAL is a H2020 EU funded project that stands for “Plug-and-use renovation with adaptable lightweight systems”. The kick-off meeting of the project is held online during 12-13th of October 2020.

PLURAL aims to design validate and demonstrate a palette of versatile, adaptable, scalable, off-site prefabricated plug and play facades accounting for user needs (“Plug-and-Use” kits). Three different core systems are assessed, coupling heating cooling, ventilation, heat harvesting systems with smart windows, 3D printing, low carbon footprint and nano-enabled coating materials to reduce the building total primary energy consumption.

The project has a total budget of 9.7M€ and will run for 4 years. It enroles a total of 18 European partners, including IREC, ITeC, or Agència de l‘habitatge de Catalunya, and is led by the National Technical University of Athens.

The role of IREC in the project consists in the adaptation and improvement of a Smart Energy Management system (SEM) able to integrate the HVAC and DHW energy efficient systems with the RES production and its overall interaction with the grid in order to ensure the maximum building flexibility. IREC will be the lead partner for WP3. We will deal with demand response and building flexibility analysis and ready to be used models, including both thermal and electrical. This will consider not only white modelling of the (real and virtual) demo buildings and archetypes, but grey models able to be integrated into the project platform (and as a basis for the edge computing). Two complementary IREC groups are involved in the project, including Jordi Pascual from the Thermal Energy and Building Performance Group and Cristina Corchero from the Energy Systems Analytics group.

You can find additional information here.

And the press release from the consortium here.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 958218.