Policy recommendations for efficient public buildings

Efficient buildings final meeting
  • Smart energy management

The MEDNICE project held a final MED (Mediterranean Energy Debate) in Brussels on October the 10th, 2019, where the Manifesto for a Mediterranean building renovation programme was presented, displaying 6 recommendations:

  • Engrave deep renovation of public buildings in National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs)
  • Make sure that 100% of regional and local authorities have a well-working energy management system embedded in their organisational culture
  • Tackle skills gap in public authorities and the construction sector
  • Facilitate access to adequate public funding as well as to alternative finance sources for local and regional public authorities
  • Increase the share of RES production and consumption in public buildings
  • Massively replicate know-how generated in EU funded projects

The MED brought together public administrators, experts and policy-makers from the Mediterranean regions to answer for a climate action and to provide solutions to local energy governance: the model of the MED Efficient Buildings Community can provide specific solutions.

The Programme supports projects developing innovative concepts and practices and promoting a reasonable use of resources.

Ramon Pascual, from IREC, contributed with technical papers to analyse and harmonize the results of 10 modular project that develop solutions for energy efficiency in public buildings from different perspectives, including financial mechanisms, support tools, implementation measures, or training of key actors, among other.

The MEDNICE consortium is formed by Ville de Nice, CMCC, University of Emuni, Energy Cities, North Aegean Region and IREC.

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.