Presentation of the OberCAT 2022 report for achieving Renewable Energy goals by 2030

Progrés en la implantació de les energies renovables a Catalunya OberCAT Report 2022 IREC
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The Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC), a key contributor and founding member of the Observatori de les Energies Renovables a Catalunya (OberCAT), is proud to contribute to the 2022 report on the advancement of renewable energy implementation in Catalonia.

OberCAT, an observatory dedicated to monitoring the progress of renewable energy in Catalonia, has spotlighted the bureaucratic obstacles impeding the realisation of the 2030 renewable energyobjectives. Despite a decrease in renewable energy generation by 0.9 TWh compared to the previous year, the coverage of electrical demand by renewables has regrettably dropped by over two percentage points since 2021, currently standing at a mere 13.1%.

The report highlights the administrative challenges triggered by the extraordinary demand for renewable energy solutions, underscoring the need for innovative strategies. These are decisive in reaching the objectives and maintaining the enthusiasm among promoters. More than 73,000 photovoltaic self-consumption installations have mobilised close to €600 million from individuals and companies. The report also acknowledges that the administration is still working through the considerable volume of pending subsidy applications.

The importance of OberCAT lies in its capacity to offer crucial insights into the state of renewable energy in Catalonia. By identify the challenges and bottlenecks in the system, it enables institutions to devise targeted solutions and strategies to expedite the transition to renewable energy.

The research leaded by IREC, enclose all energy topics, is intrinsically linked to OberCAT’s findings. The insights offered in the report can help the institutions, ensuring they align with the most urgent needs and opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

The potential benefits of OberCAT’s work extend beyond the research community. By prescribe the adoption of renewable energy, it contributes to the fight against climate change, supports the creation of green jobs, and aids in reducing energy costs for consumers. The OberCAT’s work, where IREC’s experts participated, among others, could also lead to advancements in other fields, such as electric mobility and energy storage.

The recently unveiled OberCAT 2022 Report provides a comprehensive roadmap for achieving the 2030 renewable energy goals. This in-depth study delves into the strategies, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead in the energy sector.

The report emphasises the importance of sustainable energy and the role of renewable resources in shaping our future. It presents a clear vision of the energy transition, highlighting the steps needed to shift towards a more sustainable and resilient energy system.

The OberCAT 2022 Renewable Energy Report serves as a guide for policymakers, industry leaders, and stakeholders, offering insights into the current state of renewable energy and the actions required to meet the 2030 targets. It underscores the need for collective action and collaboration to accelerate the transition towards renewable energy.

The report OberCAT 2022 report and its findings can be downloaded here:

For more information about Observatori de les Energies Renovables a Catalunya, please visit the OberCAT website.