Printing safer, cheaper lithium batteries

3D-PRESS EU project
  • Energy storage

Compared with other technologies, lithium-ion batteries (LIB) are a relatively new energy storage technology. Used extensively in electronics, they are rechargeable and possess high energy density. The demand for safer, reliable and more affordable LIBs is rising. To meet this growing need, 3D printing technology is emerging as the most viable solution.

The EU-funded 3D-PRESS project will develop and promote 3D printing technology in all-solid-state LIBs production. The project will offer new printable materials that will facilitate the growth of the production of fully printable all-solid-state 3D LIBs.

The project has a total budget of 160 K€ and will run for 2 years. It funds the individual fellowship for Gianfranco Sabato, working in the Nanoionics and Fuel Cells group at IREC since March 2020.

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3D-PRESS is an IF-MSCA-H2020 project that stands for “3D-PRintable glass-based Electrolytes for all-Solid-State lithium batteries”.  This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement No 841937.