The Government is promoting the Hub del Coneixement in the area of the Tres Xemeneies

  • Energy and environment

The Government of Catalonia will be part of the national interest project “Hub del Coneixement del Barcelonès Nord”. The project will be located in the Tres Xemeneies building and will be promoted jointly with the town councils of Badalona and Sant Adrià del Besòs. The aim of this project is to create an international hub of knowledge for sustainable development and peace.

Within a maximum period of six months, the Department of Business and Knowledge has to submit a proposal for a functional management program, in line with the Urban Master Plan from the seafront in the area of ​​the Tres Xemeneies, currently in process.

The document must include the definition of the activities to be implemented in the buildings of the Nau de Turbines and the Tres Xemeneies and the new area next to the economic ​​activity, of 92.3 hectares. As well as the instruments that guarantee the participation of the different departments of the Government of Catalonia involved in the project and the coordination with the several administrations that take part in it.

The area has been identified as a perfect location to create this project, which should contribute to the economic reactivation and reindustrialization with activities related to the energy transition and digital transformation. These two priority areas are identified in the EU Next Generation Plan by the European Commission to rebuild the European economy following the impact generated by Covid-19. In addition, the Hub del Coneixement del Barcelonès Nord would also contribute to the revitalization of this area, one of the most affected by the Covid crisis and that is still dragging on from the previous economic recession.

You can read the complete press release (in Catalan) here: