The Phase 1 evaluation workshop of LIFES50+ project have been hosted in IREC

The Phase 1 evaluation results related to the qualification for each one of the floating substructure technologies under studies have been presented in Barcelona during the workshop hosted by IREC from 8-10 of March 2017. Such results have been obtained through the analysis performed using the evaluation tool developed within LIFES50+. The overall concept ranking is based on the multicriteria evaluation performed by the evaluation tool named “Floating Offshore Wind Assessment Tool (FOWAT)” including analysis of Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Risk evaluation.

The results determined that Iberdrola’s TLP and Olav Olsen’s concrete semi-sub concepts should be selected for Phase II of the project (Concept optimization), which include further studies as well as Hardware in The Loop studies in the Ocean basin tank of Marintek in Trondheim.