Teaching Units


You can find dissemination videos of Gara, related to the generation, storage, distribution and consumption of energy, and the related research and innovation actions carried out at IREC, in the following links (videos in Catalan, with Spanish subtitles):

Generation (generació)

Storage (emmagatzematge)
Distribution (distribució)
Consumption (consum)

Audio guide

You can find an audio guide for visually impaired people who want to visit the exhibition and learn about all the pannels.

Teaching Units

Gara wants to share more knowledge related to energy transition and the research carried out at IREC to tackle this goal. If you want to learn more, look at the material we prepared. These are teaching units designed for high school teachers (ESO & Batxillerat), related to generation, storage, distribution and consumption of energy (in both Catalan and Spanish).