Energy Systems Analytics

Our key concepts
Energy and environment
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Smart energy management


The Energy Systems Analytics group works to accelerate the energy transition through the economic and environmental optimal integration of complex energy systems. Energy systems integration aims to explore ways for energy systems to work more efficiently on their own and with each other. We recognize the evolving demands of the energy field as it moves away from individual energy devices and towards complex energy systems that require advanced management to guarantee optimal performance.

With expertise in the modelling, optimization and sustainability and economic assessment of energy systems, we can better understand how to increase reliability, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impacts of our energy systems.

The Energy Systems Analytics group uses advanced mathematical, statistical and engineering techniques to answer the new energy systems challenges. Our group aims to develop and refine advanced techniques to progress towards the economically and environmentally sustainable energy systems of tomorrow.

Specifically our research lines are:

  • Smart Energy Management: optimal energy management systems, flexibility integration, hybrid systems management and integration
  • New market agents functionalities definition and evaluation
  • Sustainable mobility integration: infrastructure optimization, V2X technologies, urban e-mobility solutions
  • Sustainability and economic assessment: life cycle assessment and life cycle cost, levelized cost of energy, business model evaluation
  • Novel energy system optimization methods and data management techniques
  • Data science for energy systems: data forecasting based on machine learning algorithms, patterns recognition and stochastic modelling for optimization and simulation.   

We work closely with industry to apply advanced data science and optimization techniques to allow optimal management of novel energy systems that integrate new technologies, new market schemes or regulation frameworks.

The equipment images of Energy Systems Analytics research group are available in Multimedia Gallery.