BATTECH raises more than 4M€ for development and recycling of batteries for electric vehicles

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BATTECH, the R+D+i reference center in batteries in southern Europe, has initiated this semester earning four strategic European projects for a value that exceeds 4M euros, aimed at promoting the sustainability and circularity of materials in the value chain of electric mobility, as well as the improving material recovery from battery waste and the development of new compounds and architectures. BATTECH will contribute with its knowledge, assessment and development of materials developed by IREC and Eurecat.

The FREE4LIB project, with a budget of 1.6 M€ for BATTECH, develops technologies to achieve sustainable and efficient processes for the recycling of lithium batteries and the recovery of materials at the end of their useful life, which will increase the supply of secondary resources to the European Union.

This project “develops new strategies for recovery with electricity, along with new and advanced assessments of the health status of batteries”, as well as “it is working on the assembly of second-life batteries, which must allow decarbonizing the transport sector significantly”, indicates the technological promoter of BATTECH, Alberto Gómez.

The IntelLiGent pr project, with a budget of 921 k€ for BATTECH, has the objective of developing a new generation of lithium batteries that will allow increasing the adoption of electric vehicles. It will aim at providing greater autonomy and safety and to lower the cost, while focusing on recycling and reducing the environmental impact by reducing the need for nickel and eliminating the use of cobalt and graphite.

The ADVAGEN and SPINMATE projects, with a budget of 857 k€  and 287 k€, respectively, for BATTECH, will focus on the creation of a new generation of safe solid state batteries, with high performance and that will provide Europe with more competitiveness in front of other competitors.

The senior IREC researcher Alex Morata assures that “conventional lithium batteries are reaching their highest performance limit in terms of energy density and face serious safety problems.” For this reason, he adds that “it is strategic to develop a new generation of batteries in solid form, in which the liquid electrolyte, which is toxic, unstable and flammable, is replaced by a solid electrolyte “.

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About Battech

Promoted and established by the IREC and the Eurecat technology center, BATTECH provides research, development, assessment and innovation specializing in the area of batteries with the aim of improving the transfer of knowledge to the industry in this area, from a perspective focused on the circular economy and sustainability to cover the entire value chain of batteries as a reference center for R+D+i.