IREC and AMES partner and start the DEFINE-SOEC project

  • Energy storage

DEFINE-SOEC is an INNOTEC project funded by ACCIÓ. The main objective of the project is the development of a new SOEC stacking concept for the generation of high-efficiency renewable hydrogen using the consortium’s own technology. The project is led by the company AMES in partnership with IREC as a TECNIO centre starts this July, has a budget of around €200k and will last 2 years.

The DEFINE-SOEC project will enable the generation of high-temperature electrolysis technology for the generation of renewable hydrogen efficiently by improving the current state-of-the-art performance. The Catalan industrial sector, led in this case by AMES, will have the opportunity to enter the new sector of green hydrogen generation as a vector to store renewable energy, not only as an end user, but as a base of the value chain, providing its own competitive technology, while also helping to reduce hydrogen production prices.

Both AMES and IREC present the experience and specialization necessary to address the scientific-technological challenges presented by the project given its innovative nature. The specific role of IREC in this project, as a specialized agent in SOEC technology, is to provide the expertise within the technology of this project. This activity is led by Marc Torrell, senior researcher at the Nanoionics and Fuel Cells group at IREC.

DEFINE-SOEC will be the entry of its participants to the stage of renewable hydrogen production, not as integrators, installers or users of the technology, but as producers of their own technology.

With the support of ACCIÓ.