IREC and EURECAT create BATTECH: the RDi reference centre on batteries of southern Europe

  • Energy and environment
  • Energy storage
  • Smart energy management

IREC and Eurecat have today presented BATTECH, our strategic alliance to cover the R+D+I of the whole value chain of the next generation of electric cells and batteries for the electric mobility, renewables and capital goods markets.

BATTECH is part of the sustainable mobility concept with special emphasis on studying new batteries with higher energy density and lower environmental impact to pave the way for the rollout of sustainable electric vehicles. It is also an energy transition facilitator featuring new chemical energy storage systems allowing large-scale renewable energy rollout in the electricity grid. It will cover the cell and battery design, materials, testing and validation, industrialisation, second life and circularity stages to generate and transfer knowledge to industry. BATTECH is a Joint Research Unit and will target competitive R&D&I projects and private technology projects and services with businesses. Joint participation in the European COBRA and MARBEL projects and a joint PhD programme (2019-2022) are examples of IREC and Eurecat’s potential and capability integration to continue investing in production system innovation and upgrading.

The new strategic alliance between two key research and knowledge transfer players will help position Catalonia, Spain and Europe in batteries for sustainable electric mobility and large-scale renewable energy rollout.

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BATTECH event presentation

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