IREC receives two Joan Oró fellowship from AGAUR

  • Energy storage

AGAUR has recently granted two fellowships for hiring predoctoral research staff to IREC researchers. The FI-2024 Joan Oró fellowships have a duration of 3 years and are intended for people who carry out a PhD at a university in Catalonia.

Álvaro Rolando García has joined the Energy Storage, Harvesting and Catalysis Dept. at the institute and will be supervised by Jordi Guilera and Sebastián Murcia. The title of his thesis is “Hydrogen production by dielectric barrier discharger plasma-catalysis”. Álvaro participates in the Engineering and Applied Sciences – Chemical engineering doctoral program at the University of Barcelona.

Andrés Bernabeu has joined the Power Systems Dept. at the institute and will be supervised by Lluis Trilla (IREC) and Francisco Díaz-González (UPC). The title of his thesis is “Implementation of physics-based models for optimizing the use of Li-ion batteries”. Andrés participates in the Electrical Engineering doctoral program at ETSEIB-UPC.

Acknowledgements (in Catalan):

Ajuts finançats amb el suport del programa d’ajuts predoctorals Joan Oró (2024 FI-1 00410 i FI-1 00324) del Departament de Recerca i Universitats de la Generalitat de Catalunya i del Fons Europeu Social Plus.