IREC Researchers in the Stanford ranking among the most cited

IREC Researchers in the Stanford ranking among the most cited researchers in 2020
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Stanford University publishes the World’s Top 2% Scientists ranking, publishes the Highly Cited Researchers list. The researchers from the Catalonia Institut for Energy Research (IREC) appear on these prestigious lists.

Stanford University has recently published an update of the list of the top 2% most widely cited scientists in different disciplines, the World’s Top 2% Scientists. This ranking, considered the most prestigious worldwide, is based on the bibliometric information contained in the Scopus database and includes more than 180,000 researchers from the more than 8 million scientists considered to be active worldwide, with 22 scientific fields and 176 subfields taken into account.

The number of citations of scientific publications is one of the indicators traditionally taken into account when determining the impact of research. This indicator influences other indices, such as the journal impact factor (JIF). The JIF is one of the most widely used indicators in the scientific assessment of researchers as a metric of the quality of published work, although there is no direct relationship between the impact factor of a journal and the quality of a researcher’s research.

You can consult the report presenting the most cited articles published in the period 2010-2020 by the IREC researchers on the ranking and their positions in the general ranking and in the scientific sub-areas (and areas) are:

  • Joan Ramón Morante, from Energy Storage, Harvesting and Catalysis, director of IREC and full professor at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Barcelona has the 82.661 in the general ranking, and 2.145/269.833 in Applied Physics (Physics & Astronomy). His activities focus on the introduction of renewable energies, and he is also involved in the deployment of new energy carriers such as hydrogen, biomethane and synthetic fuels for a sustainable mobility, a decarbonized industry, cities, and societies
  • Albert Tarancon, ICREA Researcher from Nanoionics and Fuel Cells, has the 143.557 in the general ranking, and 1.731/229.150 in Energy (Enabling & Strategic Technologies). He works in the field of solid state energy devices (Solid Oxide Fuel and Electrolysis Cells, Solid State Batteries and Thermoelectrics) and developing new concepts for the emerging fields of Nanoionics and Iontronics.
  • Andreu Cabot, ICREA Researcher from Functional Nanomaterials, has the 183.755 in the general ranking, and 1.666/89.177 in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (Enabling & Strategic Technologies). He works in the field of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for energy conversion and storage.
  • Salah Kamel, from Power Systems, has the 206.016 in the general ranking, and 4.901/229.150 in Energy (Enabling & Strategic Technologies). He works in the field Integration of renewable energies in SmartGrid.
  • Victor Izquierdo-Roca, from Solar Energy Materials and Systems, has the 228.607 in the general ranking, and 5.191/269.833 in Applied Physics (Physics & Astronomy). He works in the field of advanced characterization and PV processes assessment.

We are proud to have such relevant researchers!

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