The IREC facilities are located in Barcelona and Tarragona. These laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and cutting-edge technology comprising systems for the generation, storage and smart management of energy. They cover the two areas of the institute:

  • Advanced Materials and Systems for Energy Labs

These laboratories encompass equipment from the four research groups working on the development of materials for energy, including:

– Specific research group labs:

1) Energy Storage, Harvesting and Catalysis lab 

2) Functional Nanomaterials lab

3) Nanoionics and Fuel Cells lab

4) Solar Energy Materials and Systems lab 

General research lab and common facilities for processing and characterization. To view a list of these facilities follow this link.

  • Energy Efficiency in Systems, Buildings and Communities Labs:

Two simulation and testing facilities: SEILAB and Smart Energy Lab.

1) The Semi-Virtual Energy Integration Laboratory (SEILAB). Operation of HVAC and thermal equipment in buildings based on a semi-virtual testing approach, which allows testing equipment under real conditions as a function of a dynamic building virtual model.

2) The Smart Energy Laboratory is a low voltage microgrid working up to 200 kVA able to operate real systems and configurable emulators. The emulators can act as renewable generators, storage systems and consumers. It can test and demonstrate prototypes under development in order to improve their performance under real conditions..

The Energy SmartLab and the SEILAB are connected allowing to test aggregator policies and management strategies for districts.

The details and photos of these laboratories described in the facilities section of each research group.

Advanced Materials and Systems for Energy Labs

Energy Efficiency in Systems, Buildings and Communities Labs

Details of these testing facilities can be found in the services section.

All IREC laboratories are open to external collaborations with industry, research centers, universities and private entities. If you are interested in using our equipment or starting a collaboration, please contact us.