Power Systems

Our key concepts
Energy and environment
Energy storage
Smart energy management


The Power Systems group encompasses a wide-spectra of engineering disciplines (such as electrical, electronic, energy, communications, control, among others) required to comply with an evolving electrical system and sector.  Our aim is to become an international point of reference in the R&D sector; with special emphasis in the field of power systems, grid integration and renewable energies.  

Our research lines are focused on the resolution of challenges of the future power systems, allowing larger integration of renewable energy sources, energy storage, as well as power converters and electric vehicles. 

Our activities cover a wide range of topics within the whole power flow and value chain (from generation to consumption) including: 

  • Grid integration analysis of renewable sources 
  • Security and stability issues of both transmission and distribution networks 
  • Communication analysis
  • Grid observability and controllability and power electronic design
  • Installation and interaction on the electrical grid. 

Furthermore, we work in the development and validation of tools and technologies, covering such diverse areas as:

  • Modern power systems with distributed generation
  • Smart grids and microgrids
  • Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure
  • Renewable power systems
  • Offshore and onshore wind turbines and wind power plants
  • Grid integration of RES
  • PV power plants
  • Energy storage
  • Power electronics
  • DC and AC technologies
  • Smart grid automation and communications
  • Cybersecurity

The equipment images of Power Systems research group are available in Multimedia Gallery.