2022 - 2025


Project: Multiport power converter for cost-effective, resilient, secure, and environment-friendly Electrical-based Systems (CONCORD)
IREC Role: Coordinator
Main IREC Group: Power Systems, Levon Gevorkov

The CONCORD project stands for “Multiport power converter for cost-effective, resilient, secure, and environment-friendly Electrical-based Systems”. This project reenvisions the power converter technology developments and its applications that are necessary to ensure the energy transition towards green energy with a safe, stable, flexible, cost-effective and environmentally friendly technical solution. By developing a multiport technical solution, renewable energy production (such as PV and wind power) and energy storage systems (such as batteries, hydrogen and supercapacitors) have the potential to intertwine their power capabilities within a power conversion platform that brings flexibility and controllability.

IREC hosts Levon Gevorkov as a postdoctoral researcher thanks to a Beatriu de Pinós (BP2020) grant. Levon will work in the Power Systems group at IREC and he will develop a professional career within the energy field, and benefit from top training in transversal skills.

The proposed project will result in a technological solution based on a multiport power converter architecture linked to control and management system where the main drivers can interact and optimize their operation. Additionally, this project brings a flexible and modular solution that enables its application in a large variety of uses relevant to the main stakeholders.

The BP programme focuses on the attraction of post-doctoral research talent and provides individual funding support for the recruitment and incorporation of post-doctoral researchers in the Catalan system of science and technology.

This project has received funding from the postdoctoral fellowships programme Beatriu de Pinós, funded by the Secretary of Universities and Research (Government of Catalonia) and by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 801370.