2018 - 2023

IEA-HEV (task 43)

Project: Vehicle/Grid Integration (IEA-HEV, task 43)
Funding: Agreement
IREC Role: Coordinator
Main IREC Group: Energy System Analytics, Cristina Corchero
Other PI: Josh Eichman


Task 43 analyses the challenges identified on the integration of the electric vehicles into our electricity and transport system in order to improve economic and environmental performance. Our specific objectives are

  1.  to explore, identify and give answers to the gaps preventing the electric vehicles to be fully integrated in the electrical grid
  2.  to improve the joint work between electric sector and mobility sector, which is a key point for the real energy transition

Task 43 will focus on the challenges identified on the following categories: infrastructure planning, electricity markets, technology development and user engagement.

Cristina Corchero and Josh Eichman, from the Energy Systems Analytics group at IREC, are Task Managers of this action.