Solar Energy Materials and Systems

Our key concepts
Energy and environment


Our group aims to design new materials and processes for advanced thin-film photovoltaic (PV) technologies. We investigate and develop novel solutions for industrial mass-production that are more affordable, efficient and sustainable.

One of our major outcomes has been the development of new earth abundant PV baseline technologies scalable up to 10×10 cm2 substrates with efficiency values that are among the highest achieved in the world avoiding the use of scarce critical elements or toxic compounds.

Our research is about pushing innovative emerging technologies based on inorganic chalcogenide compounds to industry, with a focus on kesterites, chalcopyrites and low dimensional compounds. Our aim is to exploit the flexibility of these technologies for next generation PV integrated components and systems, to enable their use in all scenarios of human activity.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory is a global point of reference in the field and one of the few facilities in Spain that enables both the production and advanced characterisation of solar cell prototypes.

We work closely both with pioneer research groups from institutions across Europe and multinational companies in advanced characterization methodologies for quality control and process monitoring applications.

The laboratory equipment photos of Solar Energy Materials and Systems research group are available in Multimedia Gallery.