27 February 2015

Green eMotion project ends successfully, driving forward electromobility

After four years the EU's flagship electromobility project Green eMotion has come to an successful end in February 2015. The project has defined and demonstrated a European framework that connects all electromobility stakeholders for a seamless, cost-efficient, and interoperable electromobility ecosystem.

Starting in 2011, the project developed prototypes to connect the islands of electromobility existing at the time. The projects defined an overarching ICT architecture and standards, especially for ICT interfaces, and analysed new business models for a charging infrastructure that included electric grid connexions. Within ten demo regions and two replication regions, Green eMotion demonstrated that the project findings work in real life and are also supporting the setup of an electromobility environment from the scratch. The project key results got presented at the 3rd EU Electromobility Stakeholder Forum and at the European Economic and Social Committee during a special event for public deciders and socio-economic actors.

26 February 2015

Paving the way towards a European electromobility system

Brussels, 25-26 February 2015.- This week the three flagship electromobility projects of the European Commission, Green eMotion, FREVUE and ZeEUS hosted the European Electromobility Stakeholder Forum in Brussels. It was the 3rd edition of this event and welcomed more than 200 European electromobility experts and representatives from industry, regional, national and European public authorities, transport agencies, utilities, research institutes and academia. With a combination of high level round tables and parallel workshops, attendees learnt about the developments of electromobility in Europe. Nine cross-cutting workshops served as a platform to share and exchange knowledge on operational, technical and policy-related aspects of electric vehicles.

23 February 2015

Daylighting, lighting and hybrid control solutions for Nearly Zero Energy buildings - nZEB (tertiary sector)

Catalonia Institute for Energy Research - IREC organizes the workshop "Daylighting, lighting and hybrid control solutions for Nearly Zero Energy buildings - nZEB (tertiary sector)" in the framework of European project AIDA (IEE). The AIDA project aims to accelerate the market entry of nZEB buildings. This is an excellent opportunity to meet experts in the use of daylighting optimization (active measures) and advances lighting and control systems applies to tertiary buildings.


18 February 2015

Energy Science and Technology Conference & Exhibition

Prof. Dr. Joan Ramon Morante has been named member of the International Scientific Advisory Committee of the new platform for international energy research constituted from at EnMat (3rd International Conference on Materials for Energy) and E2C (4th European Energy Conference) to organize the conference EST 2015 (Energy Science & Technology Conference and Exhibition) to be held from May 20 – 22, 2015, in the Karlsruhe Convention Centre, Germany.



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