30 October 2014

New lighting system of the Sistine Chapel developed in the framework of EU-Project LED4ART will be inaugurated.

The Sistine Chapel, the famous Michelangelo’s masterpiece, will release by 31st October, coinciding with the 450th anniversary of the death of the author, a new LED lighting system that allow you to observe this unique Renaissance art in all its magnificence. This new facility has been implemented within the framework of the European project LED4ART led by OSRAM and where IREC, represented by the Lighting and Power Electronics groups, has participated as responsible for the energy audit.

30 October 2014

Webinar "Photonic Technologies for the Agrifood Sector"

In the framework of the webinar "Photonic Technologies for the Agrifood Sector" organized by SECPho, the Lighting Group of IREC will contribute with the talk entitled "Tunable light sources for precision horticulture". The webinar will be carried-out by Dr. Jorge E. Higuera and will dealt with the work developed within HI-LED European Project that, among different subjects, studies the plants growth optimization through the spectral manipulation of the artificial incident light. The creation of arbitrary spectra takes place by means of the equalization of a LED set distributed across the visible range. The day event will be held by October 31st at 1:00 pm

More info and registration in SECPho website.

27 October 2014

Fuel Cells & Electrolysers Energy for the future

Nanoionic and fuel cells group, led by Dr. Tarancon Albert , co-organizes with UB research group DIOPMA and XaRMAE a workshop on fuel cells and electrolysers. The conference covers aspects from fundamental research to the final product including system control and integration. We Highlight the lecture by Dr. Ir . Sune who will explain the most important activities carried out at the University of Denmark and FAE (a Catalan company) that investigates how to  industrialize the electroceramic deposition processes for fabricating large scale devices.

The event will be held in IREC November 7th.

For more information and registration Download the Fuel cell leaflet brochure

24 October 2014

MARIE final event

In the framework of the World Sustainable Building Congress, MARIE partners are organising their Final Event (composed of 3 sessions, see the program). The October 28th session will present the main technical results of the project and it is where IREC will show the results of its participation in the project. The second session will be on October 29th and will be focused in Governance Proposals.



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