25 May 2015

IREC was invited at the closing session in the Energy Science and Technology (EST) Conference by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

The Professor J.R. Morante, Head of Advanced Materials for Energy of IREC, has been one of the four speakers who closed the conference on Energy Science and Technology organized by KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) with the support of European Physical Societies (EPS), Chemistry (EUCHEM) and Materials (E-MRS); together with the authorities of the KIT, the KMK, Conference Center and the German Ministry of economic Affairs and Energy, the lander of Baden-Württemberg and the EU authorities. The conference took place from 20 to 23 May 2015, with the participation of 600 delegates. It is focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage systems, networks and electrical power systems.

15 May 2015

Researchers from IREC are going to participate in BBB-Construmat, International Construction Trade Fair in Barcelona

Researchers of the Thermal Energy and Building Performance group are invited to participate in two session of the Sustainability Area of Beyond Building Barcelona - Construmat 2015.

The PhD Joana Tarres will present the RePublic-ZEB project  in the session “Strategies and urban actuation tools from the diagnosis and energy refurbishment of existing buildings” the 19th of May at 15:30h. The session will present the common framework of the European program "Horizon 2020". The European Commission continues promoting projects focused on the challenge of the energy reduction and the energy renovation of buildings to 0 toxic gases. The sustainability area has invited several European projects to explain their research and application path to achieve the objectives of the current directives of the energy efficiency in building.

Moreover, the researcher Joana Ortiz will participate in the session “Energetic certification and renovation in the construction sector. Analysis of the registers of energetic certification and economically viable renovation measures according to building typologies and climate zones” which takes place the 20th of May at 17:00h. She is going to present the results obtained in her lasts researches: “Energy impact of passive measures in existing buildings based on adaptive comfort criteria”.

08 May 2015

2nd SmartReFlex Seminar

During the 12th and 13th of May will take place the second seminar of the European project SmartReflex on technical aspects of district heating and cooling networks (DHC) at the INCASOL facilities.

Within the European Project SmartReflex, IEE-Intelligent Energy_Europe, which aims to improve the diffusion of heat and cold networks (District heating and cooling), using renewable energies in the European cities. In order to achieve the objectives established working seminars take place where experts and project partners from Denmark contribute with their know-how.

07 May 2015

A paper from the Nanoionics and Fuel Cells Group at IREC makes journal's list of most accessed articles

A paper written by Laura Almar and co-workers has been named one of the most accessed articles of 2014 in the prestigious Journal of Materials Chemistry A (click the link for view the complete list). The paper entitled "High-surface-area ordered mesoporous oxides for continuous operation in high temperature energy applications" presents a virtual non-degradation of ordered mesoporous oxides up to 1000 °C, that opens the possible use of these high-surface area 3D nanostructures in up-to-now forbidden high temperature energy